Traditional English Apple Juice
Welcome to Hill Holme.
We produce gourmet apple refreshment.
We believe our products are the finest, made from local orchard fruits, hand grade in small batches, pressed then gently pasteurised capturing the real farm flavour.
 Working with local Essex orchards that grow heritage apples and using traditional production methods we are able to offer an extensive range in our own Hill Holme label. Our juices range from the sweetness of Idared to the sharpness of Bramley. Our season starts in May with the gathering of elderflower for cordial to the late November harvesting of D'arcy Spice apples. Christmas is busy with our Mulled Winter spiced apple juice and we continue pressing through to the spring with our stored apple. In the summer fruit season they also blend apple juice with locally grown rhubarb,strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and gooseberries.Contact us on:
Telephone 01621 891304