New season underway

15th August 2012.
2012 is going to be a late year.
Has anyone got any ripe apples? ....

10th August 2012.
We are now one of the Finalist's in the Best Essex Drink Product

12th July 2012.
Closing date for the Essex Food and Drink Awards.

4th February 2012.
Pruning of trees, a little late but shouldn't harm.

28th January 2012
The last of bramleys and Idared are pressed.

30th November 2011
The apple season is going so well, everyone is reporting bumper year.
Mulled Apple Juice is now in production for Chritmas.

12th August 2011
Grow Your Own Magazine
Double page spread of Hill Holme Juice.

11th August 2011
The first pressing today.
Discovery with it's hint of pink.

10th August 2011
Discovery apples are ready to pick.

21 April 2011
The blossom is early this year with perfect weather.

Dec 2010
Mulled Apple Juice now available

6th August 2011
The first pressing today.

July 2010
New bottle style arrives

14th May 2010
The warm weather back with us, along with the rest of the blossom.

8th May 2010
The cold weather has slowed everything.
Honey Pippin, ACME and Garnet.

4th May 2010
Worcester Pearmain and Laxton's Early Crimson.

1st May 2010
The apple blossom is just bursting.
Maldon Wonder and Rivers Early Peach are fully open.