Picking, Storing, washing and inspection, crushing, pressing, blending, bottling, pasteurising, caps sleeves and labels.

Only apples good enough to eat will make the best juice. Pick with care and try not to bruise. No windfalls, insect damaged or bird pecked.

Many apples improve with storage; the sugars develop replacing the acidity. We can advise and assist with storage.

Washing and inspection.
All the fruits are washed and inspected, removing the rotten or badly bruised.

The apples have to be milled to a fine pomace to increase the yield in pressing.

We use a 'hydropress' suitable for small production. A water pressure press inside a stainless steel jacket speedily extracts the juice from the pulp.

The collected juice is now ready; it is at this stage when we can blend with other fruit juices. If desired we add L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which prevents discolouration of the juice.

We supply two sizes of bottle 250ml & 750ml.

To prolong the life of the juice pasteurisation provides a shelf-life of approximately 18 months. We heat pasteurise killing all bacteria in the juice and inside the bottle. Once done the bottles are sealed and sent to the labeling room.

Caps, sleeves and labels.
We use 'tamper evident' caps and can fit heat-shrink sleeves to suit customer's requirements in colour and size. We can assist in label design or supply suitable choices.

So if you have a surplus of apples why not call us to discuss how we can help make natural juice for own consumption, exciting presents or a little profit at the farmer's market.