We sell juice all season long.

Now that seasons draws to an end we have very little left, Please call to discuss. 23th July 2013

The following was offered in 2016, we are now closed, waiting for the new crop harvest which is very late probably mid to late August.


Single apple varieties:

Cox:  This classic apple with its relative strong and complex "aromatic" flavour. Medium 

Idared:  A wonderful sweet yet sharp taste that remains consistent.

Ashmead's Kernel:  Similar to Russet rich with a good balance between sweetness and sharpness.

Red Pippin: With the partentage of Idared and Cox, the flavour is fundamentally sweet, but with much of the rich complexity of Cox.

Breaburn:  Medium light and refreshing with lovely floral hints

Laxton's Fortune:  A popular garden apple, Cox style yet light and refreshing.

Katy: A sweet juice with good acidity and full of aromatic flavours.

Spartan: Spartan is a small sweet apple, making great juice, a favourite with children.

Gala:  A rich and juicy apple, medium light and refreshing.

James Grieve: A lovely juice full of savoury flavour with strong acidity.

Charles Ross: An old dessert apple. The flavour is richly aromatic, sweet, yet acid.


Mixed Varities:

We blend many of our juices with locally sourced fruits or hedgerow collected foragings. From hedgerows:

Apple and Elderflower.

 Blackberry and Apple.

Fresh soft fruits from little Mountains Farm;

Raspbery and Apple.

Strawberry and Apple.

Loganberry and apple

Special blends:

Apple and Ginger.

Quince and Apple.


Mulled Chritmas Apple.

Mulled with elderberries, blackberries, orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and star anis. Excellent served hot.


10% discount on six bottles